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Game Server Rental

Fragnetics leverages the high bandwidth connectivity of the Equinix IBX data centre in Singapore to offer a highly personalized service for game server rentals. We are a ranked Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 server provider for Electronic Arts, and have hosted competitions such as the Games Xtreme League (GXL) on our network. We also run open source games such as Planeshift. FPS gamers connect to our network daily from Malaysia, Philippines, and even India and the UAE. In addition, we have run RPG games for clients from as far as Canada and the United States. View our list of gameservers.

Counter-Strike Source / CS 1.6

sys_ticrate 1000 / tickrate 66

Playerlimit Price (monthly)

Our servers are for private matches only. Public servers with fun mods are not allowed due to excessive cpu and memory and bandwidth usage

Left 4 Dead 2 / Left 4 Dead


Battlefield 3

Playerlimit Price (monthly)

There is no public reserved slots pricing yet.

Battlefield : Bad Company 2

$8.50/slot (monthly) - Reduced!

From 16 players to 32 players

Medal of Honor (2010)

$8.50/slot (monthly)
From 16 players to 24 players

Battlefield 2142

$10/slot (monthly) for Ranked
$8/slot (monthly) for Unranked

Battlefield 2

$9/slot (monthly) for Ranked
$8/slot (monthly) for Unranked

Crysis 2

$60 (16 players)

Call of Duty 4 / Call of Duty : World at War
(Strictly Original Binaries only)

Playerlimit Price (monthly)

Crysis Wars / COD 2 / Unreal Tournament 2004 /
Fear Combat


Playerlimit Price (monthly)
$8/slot thereafter


Please contact us for more information on unlisted games.

Long-term Subscriptions
Prepay 3 Months
5% off
Prepay 6 Months
10% off
Prepay 1 Year
20% off

No Setup Charges. No Minimum Contractual Period. All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars

Value-Added Services
  • Fully customize the name of your server - No co-branding required
  • Web Access for Server Maintenance (Stop, Restart, FTP) through customized portal - http://home.fragnetics.com
  • Full FTP Access for installation of maps and other minor plug-ins. (except for ranked BF2142)
  • Your own permanent Clan Forum at http://www.fragnetics.com/forums. We also maintain clan forums for past subscribers subject to continued forum activity.
  • Set-up of Plug-ins and Mods are provided on request.
  • Freedom to change game mods - Convert your game server to host different mods.
  • A DNS Name for your clan (clan.fragnetics.com) in addition to IP Address/Port issued.
  • Comprehensive Lag-Reporting Tools - http://www.fragnetics.com/support/lag
  • Web space for map pack and miscellaneous downloads

Related Information
  • Processing of Server Rental takes between 1 to 2 days
  • Fragnetics reserves the right to impose an administrative fee should a representative be required to rectify problems (eg. data corruption, manual restarts, misconfiguration) caused by subscribers. We encourage our subscribers to backup their files before making changes to their server setup.
  • We accept payment via cash deposit, cheque, bank transfer, and PayPal.

Other Supported / Previously Hosted Games
  • Doom 3
  • Quake 3-based games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Jedi Knight II.
  • Unreal Tournament (various versions), including Tactical Operations
  • Half-Life mods such as Natural Selection and Team Fortress Classic
  • MUDs and MMOGs
  • Please contact our team for enquiries on alternative games not presented in the list above.

3-Day Grace Period
We extend to all new subscribers a grace period in which we officially start hosting the game server 3 days after its launch. This means that you don't get charged for adapting to the new server setup and adjusting it to suit your needs when you first sign up with us.

Interested parties should try our existing game servers to experience connectivity to our servers before signing up. Upon confirmation of payment, our administrators will launch the game server and issue the passwords to access the game server's administrative features.

We do our best to ensure that your game server is hosted in a lag-free environment, and continually work with subscribers hosted with us to tweak settings to better suit their needs. At the same time, the 3 day grace provides us with the opportunity to test your server in the actual gaming environment shared with other Fragnetics subscribers. This guarantees the quality of gaming on our servers.

For game server requests that involve games we do not have on our list, we may negotiate a free 3-day trial period on a case-by-case basis.

Fragnetics Game Server Administration Utility and Full FTP Access
Fragnetics provides a customized web portal for all your game server administration needs. Covering start/stop functions, direct access to configuration files, and upload functionality, our subscribers are able to stop and restart their server on demand without the intervention of Fragnetics administrators.

FTP Access is granted to all our subscribers. This is especially important for administrators who like to experiment with custom maps, plug-ins, and settings. Our subscribers are given complete freedom in making changes to their servers, and our administrators communicate with them on a regular basis to ensure that the quality of gaming is maintained throughout.

Administrator Intervention and Fees
Although Fragnetics reserves the right to impose an administrative fee when game servers require intervention, no administrative fee has been applied to any subscriber so far. We operate on a common understanding that results in subscribers coming to us occasionally for administrative intervention, and in all cases this has not been an issue.

Furthermore, our administrators keep a lookout for patches to mods and updates so that our servers are up-to-date. Upgrades to mods and services are done quickly.

Other Games and Mods
Over time we have been asked about games not mentioned on our pricelist. There are a couple of factors that we consider when hosting other game. Firstly, the dedicated game server must be able to run on Linux or Windows. The next factor we consider is pricing, which is based on peak CPU, memory, and bandwidth usage. Prices are pegged to that of the regular game servers we offer on our pricelist.

We are highly selective in our sponsorship of individual clan servers. However, we occasionally grant minor discounts off our list prices depending on the reputation and size of clans. Clans hosted with Fragnetics over a period of time also receive preferential rates.

Game Community Development
Fragnetics has grown steadily in terms of game server hosting thanks to our long-time customers. This has only been possible because we believe in the value of community-development when it comes to the gaming scene, and provide a conducive environment for clans from various games to interact through the Fragnetics forum and other arranged outings. Hosting your game server with us gives you the opportunity to play a leading role in shaping this close-knit community, at the same time building your clan's reputation in the gaming arena. Be a part of our community today!

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